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Most visible prospects by team since the start of the L1 season :


1- Fabien Laurenti (D, 83)
Has developped into an undisputable starter. Is very solid.


1- Kahlenberg (M, 83, DEN)
Has played like advised by posters here : good both ways, very solid on free kicks and the passing game in general. He has one goal (very nice to boot) and is leading the entire league in assists.
2- Abou Diaby (M, 86)
Coming off an injury, he has provided a nice boost in midfield and has scored a beauty as well. Is turning into a definite starter.
3- Youness Kaboul (D, 86)
I rank him third mostly because he has only played one game this year. He was out with injury before that. Arguably the best defensive prospect in France with Thicot.
4- Serge Akapko (D, 87)
One of the best 87 born defenseman.
4- Bakari Sagna (RB, 83)
I don’t like him a lot, but he has been solid this season.


1- Marouane Chamakh (St, 84, Mar)
Very elegant scorer with good size and good timing.
2- Rio Mavuba (M, 84)
Somewhat of a disappointment this year IMO.
3- Pierre Ducasse (M, 87)
The underrated offensive player of the 87 generation, know for its stars.
4- Julien Faubert (M, 83)
Nice right winger with speed and determination.

Le Mans

1- Tulio De Melo (St, 85, BRA)
Has been one of the most efficient scorer in L1, thanks to his great size and heading ability.
2- Davide Chiumento (M, 84, SWI)
Hasn’t played much because of an injury, and hasn’t made an impact yet.
3- Romaric (St, 83, IvC)
Was injured obviously, but was disappointing in his games.
4- Chiguy Lucau (St, 84, Con)
Is finding his groove and has started scoring.


1- Benoît Assou-Ekotto (LB, 84, Cam)
Has become one of the best at his position in L1. Is developping better than anyone thought.
2- Jussie (St, 83, Bra)
After some dazzling moves, he showed his colors, and they’re disappointing : inconsistant, poor in front of the net, bad choices... I expected much more from him.


1- Jean II Makoun (M, 83, Cam)
Very very effective, and very good with the header despite his small size.

2- Mathieu Debuchy (M, 85)
A very good two way midfielder that has a great shot. All around the pitch type of guy.

3- Yohan Cabaye (M, 86)
Similar to Debuchy, except more defensively oriented.

4- Kevin Mirallas (St, 87, Bel)
Hasn’t had too much to prove himself, but Puel is a believer.

5- Stefan Lichtsteiner (D, 84, Swi)
Has been solid, but could do better.


1- Hatem Ben Arfa (St, 87)
Has been incredible in each of his games this year. Lyon’s system doesn’t give him too many playing time (he’s a support striker, and Lyon plays 4-3-3). Still it’s only a matter of time before the system is built around him.
2- Fred (St, 83, Bra)
Has been as good as advertised. Not very fast, but deadly in front of the net. Tall, tough to move.
3- Karim Benzema (St, 87)
Some consider him better than Ben Arfa (kind of Ovechkin vs Malkin). Benzema has all the qualities of a great striker. He has been good in every appearance, rare because of Lyon’s depth.
4- Jérémy Berthod (LB, 84)
Has played mich more than anyone thought. Sure Abidal was injured, but he pushed Monsoreau, one of the best and most versatile defenseman in L1 to the bench. Has been very impressive.
5- Kévin Jacmot (M, 84)
A very good offensive midfielder.
6- François Clerc (RB, 83)
Has played a very good game against Rennes the other day. I didn’t expect him to be this good.
7- Sandy Paillot (D, 87)
Considered by some the best 87 defenseman on par with Thicot. In any case he’s also a leader.
8- Joan Hartock (G, 87)
A real cat. Very similar to Bernard Lama.
9- Jérémy Clément (M, 84)
Very solid defensive midfielder, he provides a lot of stability. Great tactical sense for a guy his age.


1- Samir Nasri (M, 87)
Has been played once every other game to preserve his health, as he finished the season last year completely burnt.
2- Frank Ribéry (M, 83)
The OM MVP so far. He has been spectacular.
3- Taye Taiwo (LB, 85, Nig)
Solid defensively (though he could be better), he has provided offensive punch through his monster free kicks.
4- Lorick Cana (M, 83, Alb)
Very solid defensive midfielder. Technical too. Though the way he treated PSG after being benched 3 games isn’t really worthy of praise.


1- Carl Medjani (D, 85, on loan from Liverpool)
Hasn’t played much yet, but with Metz’s dismal run, he should see some time soon. He’s a very complete defenseman with excellent leadership skills.


1- David Gigliotti (St, 85)
Very deadly striker. Lacks a bit of size, but makes up for it with offensive sense and natural shooting ability. He likes the spectacular plays.
2- Emanuel Adebayor (St, 84, Tog)
The Albatros has suffered a lot lately, through his incredible misses all season long in front of the net. He has missed some goals every 10 year old would manage to score. Still his combination of agility, adequate speed, big size, and natural ability should make him a valuable prospect.
3- Olivier Veigneau (D, 85)
Hasn’t played much with Monaco, but he’s a very promising prospect.


1- Pape Diakhate (D, 84, Sen)
Very solid two way player, who is very tough on the ball.
2- Landry N’Guemo (M, 85, Cam)
Has seized the opportunity to shine after a rash of injuries. He has been very very effective and active.


1- Jérémy Toulalan (M, 83)
One of the very best L1 players, he has been average at the start of the season, but has picked up where he left off last season now. He has been extremely impressive the last few weeks.
2- Steven Thicot (D, 87)
The natural born leader of the 87 generation. He’s also a very solid defenseman with dominating ability.
3- Claudiu Keseru (St, 87, Rou)
A natural born scorer. Has the sense you can’t teach.
4- Emerse Fae (M, 84, IvC)
A very good two way player. Has been put on the right side this season, and has shined there.


1- Hugo Lloris (G, 86)
A very good goalie with good reflexes.


1- Rudy Haddad (M, 85)
Wanted by Inter or ManU a few years ago, the extremely gifted Haddad has finally some playing time lately. He’s a PSG player at heart.
2- Cristiano Rodriguez (M, 85, Uru)
Heavily touted and hyped. He has yet to play the game until FIFA decides what happens to him and Bueno.
3- David N’Gog (St, 89)
Is way too good for the guys his age. Has trained with L1 players and will see some time soon.
4- Franck Djadjedje (St, 86)
Very strong bulldozer with good timing in the box. Very prolific scorer at every level.
5- Jean-Michel Badiane (D, 83)
Very solid defenseman that can also play RB.


1- Arnold Mvuemba (M, 85)
Very technical defensive midfielder. Is not big, but he can dribble through several players, and has incredible vision.
2- Jacques Faty (D, 84)
A rock on defense. Faty is the former captain of the Le Tallec/Sinama generation. Is talked about for the national team.
3- Yoann Gourcuff (M, 86)
A very good midfielder, with good free kick ability. Gourcuff is first and foremost a good passer.
4- Jimmy Briand (St, 85)
A pure scorer, Briand has speed and is accurate in front of the net.
5- Simon Pouplin (G, 85)
A very good goalie prospect.
6- Florent Chagneau (G, 84)
Chaigneau is IMO one of the best prospects out there, but he’s in conflict with his coach. Which will lead him nowhere.
7- Etienne Didot (M, 83)
A solid two way midfielder, he’s highly rated game in and game out. Won’t dazzle you, but is very consistent.
8- Adailton (D, 84, Bra)
Solid defenseman.

St Etienne

1- Loic Perrin (M, 85)
A very solid defensive midfielder with good offensive skills. He scored in his first pro game from a nice shot outside the box.
2- Damien Perquis (D, 84)
The best defenseman in L2 last year. He’s been solid this year.


1- Jérémy Menez (St, 87)
Menez has been under a lot of heat from fans for the start of the season. They seem to expect too much of him. After an average start, he’s been good lately, and he scored his first goal recently.
2- Mourad Meghni (M, 84)
Mourad was excpected to be the savoir, and he’s failed. His technique is marvelous, but he doesn’t have enough impact on his team.


1- Alexander Farnerud (M, 84, Swe)
Still a lot of talent. And still very frustrating.
2- Ricardo Faty (M, 86)
A very tough midfielder. He’s the future of Strasbourg midfield.
3- Karim Haggui (D, 84, Mar)
A young defenseman that is excellent with the header. He has scored three goals in a week on set plays. Can play RB too.
4- Sidi Keita (M, 85, Mal)
He’s been a rock this season, and Strasbourg’s MVP.
5- Athur Boka (LB, 83, IvC)
Ivory Coast starting left back. Is good at passing, but could be better on defense.


1- Alexandre Bonnet (M, 86)
Very gifted youngster (to the point where it’s ridiculous), but it’s hard to say if his huge upside will amount to anything.
2- Lucien Aubey (D, 84)
Very, very good defenseman prospect. Among the best at his position. Some big teams inquired about him (EPL and Calcio).
3- Daniel Congre (D, 85)
The best 85 defenseman IMO.
4- Bryan Bergougnoux (St, 83)
Bergougnoux is a crazy striker who never hesitates to shoot. He has power, and has scored at a very impressive rate in youth selections.
5- Jérémy Mathieu (D/M, 83)
Mathieu has seemed to regress in Toulouse. His versatility is still here (he can play central back, left back, left midfielder, defensive midfielder and even some offensive midfield), but he seems to underachieve big time.
6- Nabil Taider (M, 83, Tun)
Young talented two way defenseman. He chose to play for Tunisia even though he is born in France.


1- Sébastien Grax (St, 84, on loan from Monaco)
A talented striker. Monaco could sure use him this year. Finished third in scoring in L2 last year (behind Kroupi and Koné). Is good with the head, has good finish, but is a bit streaky. He can score a goal a game for a good stretch and be invisible for a good stretch too. He really needs to work on his consistency.
2- Stephen Drouin (D, 84, on loan from Nantes)
Drouin has rebounded from so-so games to being a monster lately. He has a lot of potential, but it’s still untaped IMO.

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