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10-27-2005, 06:43 AM
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Originally Posted by Leo Naphta
Since Finland was a part of Sweden during all those years, Åland was ipso facto as much a part of Sweden as, for example, Öland. Describing this in terms of Åland never belonging to Sweden, is, mildly put, a strange way of putting things.
I should have been more accurate in my first post, I meant Åland has never been part of Sweden as long as Finland has existed as an independent society.

Originally Posted by Leo Naphta
By the way Pepper, just out of curiousity, in which way was Åland part of Finland, back then? Was it ruled from the finnish mainland? I thought it was a separate "landskap", and not administratively tied to the Finnish mainland.
What do you mean with "back then", to which era are you referring to?

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