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10-15-2011, 01:25 AM
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The reason why the start of the season is going pretty bad is mostly the defense. It’s not worthy of a playoff team. There are two rookies from Europe and one d-man at his second year. Two regular d-men are gone to injuries. One d-men is a big slow one dimensional player. One guy is coming back from a serious knee operation. This smells expansion team. The savior, Markov, well?

The team let go its most productive d-man. Hamrlik was a pretty solid guy who averaged 20 minutes a game. He was not offensive but he was there doing the right plays and not fragile. His loss is big. They let go Wiz and Columbus gave him the sky. For 4.5 million cap hit though, Wiz would have easily stayed. He would have easily replaced Markov. The team was doing fine without Markov in the first place for the past two seasons, so why sign him knowing that this player will never be the same. He is getting older and has only played 6 or 10 games the past two years. What impact can he bring when the thought of re-injuring that knee again will cross his mind?

The coach is making this team regress too. Year by year, he is slowly implementing a defensive system that is making this team lose its spike. The first year under Martin, the team reached the Conference Finals with a solid defensive system. This was rather an anomaly. The second year, they were one of the worst teams in goals scored. This year they look boring at the image of the coach. They didn't get tougher. They claim an injured Betts and return him back. That was panic mode. Also, what good is it to sign a guy like Cole,”a power forward lol”, if you don't play him?

Apparently now, Cole is not a savior, something I already knew. I wonder where is this savior?

Anyways, its the start of the season. Once everybody is back from injury things will get better.

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