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10-15-2011, 04:58 AM
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Originally Posted by Megaforce View Post
Wow. If you don't want to sound like an ass, then don't write stuff like that. Nobody knows what the future will bring, so please don't pretend you do.
YeaH 36 years of MLB, Jackie Robinson & were out of the game in his Opinion. We've been out for over 60-100 years! Why even bother in the 1st place), but we brought baseball to the Island of Montreal. Some people I swear! Are happy with no future! Terrible world ahead! We will play MLb Ball again in Montreal & it Might be in the AL With Tampa's Team. Come on! I came back to the Island, If you really have no hope in life, then whats the point? Montreal is part of North America, we have been playing baseball for ever & we will never stop!

we will again! We always have!

Why even bother doing anything? Because it's worth it!

The Expos will be back! Trust me, just be patient, were years away. Some of us are not going anywhere. American League next time though, Yankees-Red Sox-Jays! Were working on it, almost everyday.

Never Give up!

Just, please be patient & never give up! Enjoy the World-Series.

BTW, The negative poster that calls himself icerockets, has probably never lived on the Island of Montreal, nor even had a grandfather that may have attended a Royals game @ DeLormier Downs or even a damn MLB game Vs the Mets!.... If Your going to talk Expos, be one of us!

it's E-Z to throw rocks when the animal is wounded. Were getting back, respect it! At least respect the City of Montreal! Lot's of baseball history.

Nuff Said.

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