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10-15-2011, 10:03 AM
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Originally Posted by VanSciver View Post
Being UFA's has no bearing? Seriously? Obviously the Flyers already have the potential to lose Carle to Free Agency. But their also including Hartnell in the deal. With Suter an impending UFA, they risk including Hartnell and getting nothing in return after this year. That makes it a risky deal. You don't think that complicates the deal? What kind of deal do you think Suter is going to be looking for?

So if all 3 players were signed past this year, that wouldn't make the deal less complicated? The threat of Suter walking after this year is real. That throws an obvious wrench into that deal. Same for Nashville with Carle on their side.
In my humble opinion, it really doesn't throw an obvious wrench into the deal because each team is already facing a UFA situation. If you do nothing, you're still in a risky situation... the Preds could very well lose Suter for nothing and the Flyers could very well lose Carle for nothing. If you make the trade, then the Flyers could very well lose Suter for nothing and the Preds could very well lose Carle for nothing.

My point is that nothing changes if you make the deal or don't make the deal as far as uncertainty about the future. You're going to have one of your key defensemen going into unrestricted free agency either way.

What the teams need to do when evaluating a trade like this is to ask:
a. does it make us a better team this year?
b. does it have the potential to make us better for the future?

The answer to the question for both teams is yes.

To answer your question, yes, obviously the deal is less complicated if everyone is on a long-term deal. So if you were trying to argue that this deal is more complicated than a normal trade of 2 players on 2-3 year deals, then I agree. But since both teams are already facing their defensemen hitting UFA status this offseason, I don't think a trade complicates the situation. It's already complicated, even if both teams don't make a move.


And if this trade were to be made, it would give the Preds a little more certainty about their future, as they get a top-6 forward who can play on the PP and he's locked in for the next 2 years.

The Flyers give up the certainty of Hartnell because:
a. They have someone waiting in the wings (Schenn) who can take over for Hartnell and Hartnell seems the most logical guy to lose his spot.
b. The trade has the potential to payoff big time with the Flyers acquiring one of the best young defensemen in the NHL and a future replacement for Kimmo Timonen.

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