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10-15-2011, 10:03 AM
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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
True. Martin is a proven good regular season coach that with an incredible boring system will lead their team to a better regular season standings than they should have. He has not proven ANYTHING as far as playoffs are concerned. And he's clearly not having a system that makes the regular season interesting. Not sure how I should like him for doing what he does. Regular season should be a mix of entertainment and result, yet we're not talking at least to be top 8 in a conference which shouldn't be THAT difficult. And playoffs has to be plenty about results which still remains to be seen in his case. Yet, we've bought tons of offensive players over the past years and have to bury them in a system they are a tough time to play in. Habs are just like a Ferrari in a school zone...I just don't like Martin. Don't like the fact that he doesn't communicate well with his players (based on TONS of reports from past and present players), don't like how he conducts himself behind the bench etc. Reality is that I remember how much I laughed at the Sens and their management....and now I'm stuck with it.

Yes, he does well better than some thinks he should. But it's always easier to sell that type of system in the first years of your era....we will see how he does now.

Nope. Cole isn't a if asking a guy you pay that much to play in your top 6 and some PP time is asking Cole to be a saviour.....Jacques at his best.
Well, as I said, you can dislike the coach and his style all you want, he still deserves some credit.
As for the POs, let's not kid ourselves, there isn't even one Habs fan, even the most delusional one, that think we have/had a team worthy of the Cup. So, what should his PO success be over here? I know it's about results, but it has to be relative to your team right? Two years ago, you can put all the merit on Halak, still Martin lead the team to an ECF, he deserves credit there, no matter how lucky it was.
Last year, outside Mtl, who predicted the Habs should win? who inside Mtl didn't feel that them winning would be an upset? Has it come down to ''if you don't pull upsets than you fail''?..
Martin pushes his teams further than he can. I don't care what happened in Ottawa, it's a long time ago and we're in Mtl. So far, Martin has gotten the most out of his team. I don't think he's gotten the most out of his players individually, but as a team, I don't think we could have gotten much further.

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