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Originally Posted by AHMB Prez View Post
This here is the proof that most Habs fans, are easily satisfied. Maybe it's just me, but just making the playoff's isn't my goal.
Let me just give you one tiny example of why i hate Martin's coaching. We get three or four straight penalties in the first period,some that were very iffy. What does Martin do to let the ref's know of his displeasure ? NOTHING. The man is zzzzzzz. Sorry to offend some of you Martin lovers.
The argument that you're a truer fan and want to win more than myself has basically no merit at all. When faced with legitimate arguments that contradict your opinion, like many others, you throw out the maybe I want to win more crap, what the hell is that all about? If you've got nothing, just say so and admit you're full of it.

I don't particularly like JM, so calling me a JM lover is another failed attempt by someone who has nothing else to offer, you've lost, get over it and find something else to complain about.

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