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10-15-2011, 10:05 AM
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Originally Posted by Xoggz22 View Post
I've suffered through the first three home games and think it's way too early to talk about major changes. Personally I think a few of the players are playing WAY below where they should be - RJ, Vermette, Brass, Pahlsson can you hear me?
Since I didn't think we've went far enough yet, this start only confirms what I thought before. Brass better get his crap together.

As far as the waste of talent comment, Vermette is a far more responsible player. Get Brass to pretend to play a real two way game and actually win faceoffs at a decent level and I'll listen. Until then he's just cannon fodder to me.

As far as Mase goes, he may or may not have cost us a game. But his play sure as hell hasn't won us a game either.

Nash is a good pk'er. I head Carter might be able to kill penalties fairly well too... :p

But we've got to "save" them and their energy. Whatever. Arniel... I'm getting more and more annoyed with him every game.

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