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10-27-2005, 10:52 AM
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Originally Posted by AdmiralPred
I don't want to single you out NMK, being from WI, I see this 8 days a week about the Packers (even when they go 12-4), unless they win by 30 and give up less than 10 points. Has there been a game this season that you guys have been happy with? I've seen posts in just about every gameday thread from the regulars about how bad the Preds were in this situation or at that point in the game. I'm a firm beleiver in "good teams will pull together and find a way to scratch out a win", or in the case of hockey, a point or 2. At least the Preds should be on the good side of games like those more often than they did when their first line included Yachmenev. Just wondering, that's all.
I don't think the diehards on the boards are over-analytical to the point they can't enjoy the game like certain fanbases. I think first of all, we all have diarrhea of the analysis because of the lost season. I assume this is the case with everyone here, but I can't get enough hockey right now and just enjoy every minute that I'm getting to see, read about and discuss. It's much better to get frustrated with Scott Hartnell tossing his stick than to get frustrated by labor negotiations.

Secondly, rarely is there a game when the team "plays 60 minutes of hockey". There will always be something you can point out, even in a blowout win. Especially with the potential for league parity. For instance, there might be a time this season where Kris Beech becomes a better looking alternative than Yanic Perreault. We might win a game 5-2, but YP might be horrid in that game. I don't see a problem with pointing that out.

To me, a win is a win is a win. I don't care how it gets done. If you get in the playoffs, all bets are off on style of play and prettiness. With that said, early in the season it's fun to hash out who should be on the team and what needs to be tweaked and there are certainly some not so positive trands from the first 9 games that need to be improved and discussed.

Not personally knowing, but having read most of the diehards here for years, I'm confident that each of them is fully enjoying each win. The problem is going to be if we lose the next 2-3 games and we have people on calling for Poile and/or Trotz to be fired or for Tootoo to be called up to solve the power play woes. Trust me, this will happen on that site before the year is up, even if we are a playoff team. Those are the people that have problems.

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