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10-15-2011, 11:08 AM
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Originally Posted by Wilch View Post
Try them out at your local hockey shop. Everyone has different feet, and thus different fit.

If you're looking to order online, check out this page:

Also go on Youtube or Google, and find tutorials on baking your own skates with a home oven if there aren't any skate ovens around where you live.
Yah, it's funny how often this topic comes up. I feel bad for people who are new to the skate buying process and don't understand some skates just won't fit some people's feet. I wonder what the percentage would be if they took a skate and foot expert to a rec league and measured feet just how many people are currently using the wrong skate? You really have to try on many brands before you purchase. And sometimes the same brand may not fit. I really wanted some Supremes, they were on sale, I tried them on and had pain on the top of both my feet. I was coming from Vapor 40's though so I tried on the X60's and they fit like a glove. If I would have assumed because they were both Bauers and bought them without trying them on I would be miserable every time I play.

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