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Originally Posted by TheShoe82 View Post
Easton used to have some senior one piece sticks with 75 flexes but I remember they were very hard to find and had limited pattern selections.
All companies, including Easton, make tonnes of 75/77 flex one piece sticks, they're very common at good hockey shops (i.e. not places like Sport Chek).

Originally Posted by Baggy Spandex View Post
Looking for what seems to be the impossible. Searching for a stick that fits that criteria. I'm used to Sakic style curves, and I like to play with a 6+ lie. Also, looking for something whippy. I have big hands, and I know the only intermediate with senior thickness are Eastons, but I always seem to make Easton blades go soft and I would most likely need to put an extension in one (6'-6'1"). Where can I find my holy grail? Preferably something kinda lightweight, as I'm used to Dolomites and S17's.

Thanks HF!
If you want a senior stick that feels really whippy, I'd suggest looking for a mid kick stick over a low kick, obviously in a 75 or 77 flex. Mid kick sticks almost always feel whippier because the flex at your lower hand, where you can really feel the flex, whereas low kick sticks are designed to feel stiff at your lower hand and flex closer to the blade, where you don't feel it so much.

If you're looking for a Sakic type curve, but with a higher lie, you don't have many options. Bauer's P92 is basically an exact Sakic clone now (used to be a bit different, now they're the same, including the lie), same goes for Rbk's Crosby curve (the P87A). If you can find an older Rbk Crosby, when it was the P87 (not P87A), I believe that had a higher lie, BUT Rbk sticks in general tend to focus on very low kick points, and feel quite stiff for their rated flex (at least the sickkick line does, not sure about the X.0.X line). The most common Warrior Draper/Kopitar (same curve) you'll find is their lie 5, which is also virtually identical to an Easton Sakic/Hall (including the lie), but as thedonger mentioned they do make lie 6 Draper/Kopitar curves too, which could work for you. The Widow SE comes is a 75 flex, and that would be very whippy (the Widow plays real whippy in general), but I don't know if they are making a lie 6 Kopitar/Draper for it. thedonger's suggestion of just getting some Dolomite DD lie 6 Draper curves (which you can find on closeout from sites like hockey monkey) is a pretty good one, they're available for pretty cheap on sites like hockey monkey, and you can pair them with whatever tapered shaft you want.

2 final options that could work well for you, both going the "custom" route:

1) On you can design custom sticks, though they're a bit more expensive than a retail stick would be. The Widow doesn't have the options you want (only comes in lie 5 Draper), but the Dolomite does, you can get it in a lie 6 Draper (more like an Easton lie 6.5), and you can actually get super whippy seniors there too, they offer senior Dolos in 65 and 70 flexes. This is probably your best option, but it won't be cheap

2) BASE hockey make cheaper custom sticks (I think around $160 + shipping when I got mine?), and also offer the Sakic curve in a variety of lies. You can find their site here:
I'd double check with them to make sure their lie 6 Sakic clone is a significantly higher lie than a normal Sakic, but I think it is. My 75 flex BASE is easily the whippiest 75 flex stick I've used, light and balanced too, and mine has been very durable, but there are 2 main drawbacks. One, the blade feel isn't great, a bit pingy/ceramic. Two, the shaft dimensions are a bit small, not as small as an intermediate, but small regardless, felt small in my hands even compared to a Bauer Vapour, and I believe you're trying to avoid small shafts.

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