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Originally Posted by Habsterix View Post
For one thing, what worked pre-lockout might not work post-lockout so let's stop with the fact that he rode the tailcoat of a highly talented group in Ottawa and let's look at what he's done since the lockout.

Exactly the same... Here are just a few things that people were blaming Carbonneau for and Martin does just the same:
  • Preaching hard work
  • Putting 4th line players on the top 6
  • Mixing up his lines too much
  • Putting 3-4 line players on the PP, including Darche
  • Using defensemen as forwards
  • Poor communication
  • Being too defensive and not giving enough freedom to his top offensive players

That's just a few...
He's not doing the same. Carbonneau did not have a clue about using the talent he had the best way he could. This sentence will probably help us to understand better.
Lapierre was more used than Koivu at ES when he was fired.

Preaching hard work ? Well, i fail to see how it is a problem.

4th line players in the Top-6 ? Well, we're mainly, if not only, talking about Moen, who is a defensive player. Not a fighter, even if he can do it. The reason he is in the league is mainly his defensive ability, and he's really a reliable guy. He's not a 4th liner, but more likely a 3rd liner.

We need a solid player alongside Plekanec, because he face every night the best players the other team has to offer.
Its a risk to do otherwise, because of our defense. If he did otherwise, i am sure that i'll hear some complaints about the fact that he did put too much pressure on our rookies or Weber...

Darche was very useful last year, since we were missing some players with size and brave enough to sit in front of the net. But this year, he did not play that much, and i did not saw him on a consistent basis on the Top-6.

You have a problem with a coach who mixes up his lines too much, after 3 games, and with so many regulars out because of injuries ?
And when is he allowed to do so, then, because i cant find a better moment to try to find some combinations.
Anyway, he's forced to do so, i don even understand why you can complain about that. I dont think he's responsable for the fact that two defensemen are out since our inaugural game.

3rd or 4th line players on the PP ? Well, if they bring something that the other players dont have, i dont see why we should blame the coach for using them.

Using defensemen as forwards ? If they dont play, we complain, if they play as a forward, we complain. Sometimes, you need more than 6 D and in those 6+D, some players need to play anyway but are not strong enough etc...

Poor communication ? Its speculation.

Being too defensive and not giving enough freedom to his top offensive players ?

Our best players are mainly defensive players before being offensive juggernauts, and are considered as good, if not very good two-way players.
Even if you're only repeating this, you're repeating things that we should not talk about because they're wrong. Every coach in the league is doing what you're talking about.

But the most important thing to remember in our case is this :

Originally Posted by ECWHSWI View Post
precisely :
3 rookies
1 sophomore
1 back from a injury that made him miss half of last season

not almost, IT IS expansion team D... we probably have the least experienced D corp in the league...
In this kind of condition, every coach will do the same, and try to change some things, even in the same period of one game, to protect his defensive unit.
But we're on HFBoards, we know better than the GM and the coaches here.

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