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10-27-2003, 05:00 PM
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Originally Posted by spaz44
But I never said that in my original point, it was you that took that out of it and didn't read what I originally said properly.

I then reacted to what you took out of that post.

Maybe you should reread my first post?
I was reacting to how people might interpret your original post, which was this:

"Oilers record last year with Ninimaa and Marchant and Comrie in the lineup after 8 games last year. 2-4-2-0. = 6 points.

Record now = 3-5 = 6 points

This is for all the posts that with these guys we would be so much better.

Obviously not necessarily.

Lets keep thinks in perspective people."

Now, I may be taking this the wrong way, but it sure looks like you're saying to everyone that thinks the team would be better this year with those guys playing is wrong, which is simply not provable via those stats.

Also, my perspective never changes, I want wins, as many wins as possible, especially in games we have no business losing.

I really think you're taking what I said the wrong way.

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