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10-15-2011, 03:52 PM
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I cannot really cast a vote right now... I'll pick one eventually I suppose BUT not only do we really have to see how these players turn out over the course of a season, but we have to look at how they end up in their Flyers careers; do they re-sign at a fair valued contract or do they hamstring the Flyers or have to be moved? Also how Richards and Carter play out their contracts and develop has to come into play, IMO... But as it has been already posted the way the players fit in ultimately counts most, and we will never know how Richie and Carts would have made out here going forward.

At this point I will assume that Couturier and Schenn will pan out as projected and as so far observed as top tier players... And I will also assume that Cousins and the 2nd Rounder from the Kings play out equals... Which to me says that it comes down to Simmonds vs Voracek.

Right now I see Simmonds as more of an as advertised very good fit for the Flyers and maybe a better than seamless replacement for Harntell when he moves on (probably at the end of his contract)... He appears to be what we were told; a player we will love here. Jake on the other hand to me is an X-factor who, if he can hit his original scouted projection in the NHL will be a wonderful fit here and might resolve the question... but if he doesn't get his talent working game to game a this level, and/or does not keep in as good a physical and mental state as he needs to, he might resolve the question the opposite way.

... Also I suppose we must look at the long range Cap effects from each trade... which also will not be known for quite a while.

I guess with all the above taken into consideration I will cast my vote for he Return on Richards... BUT I sure hope we revisit this periodically over the next several years.

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