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10-15-2011, 04:17 PM
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Originally Posted by tjcurrie View Post
No they've never done it that way. It was the top 4 in each div right from I believe 1981 on through 1993, then for the 93-94 season they went to the top 8 in each conference. Off the top of my head it was 1980 that they tried the 1 though 16 format and prior to that it was divisional rounds as well. Going back to the first expansion in 67 they divided the league between the East div and the West div. One of expansion teams and the other the original 6.
I meant the late-90's, or rather only one season that I checked on: 1997-1998. The year before the switch to six divisions. The playoff standings clearly looked like a top 8 in each conference rather than top 4 in each division.

Also the current system isn't that bad on rivalries as even with the system being more random, several teams have meet each other in the playoffs the last few years, which is what you stated is what creates rivalries. Those teams being Chicago/Vancouver, San Jose/Detroit, and Boston/Philadelphia are the first three that come to mind. No doubt there are more.

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