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10-15-2011, 08:51 PM
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Originally Posted by piqued View Post
I'm a big proponent of going back to 4 divisions, but I'm not sure I want to see the old format return where you have to play within your division to start the playoffs. I agree that it would be the most effective way to spark as many rivalries as possible around the league, but from a selfish standpoint I don't like that it would greatly reduce our chances of meeting Edmonton or San Jose in the playoffs.

It's weird, because almost all the teams that generate regular season interest here are currently in the Central. But our old playoff rivals would end up being in the westernmost new division.
I have a feeling that if we were placed back in the old Norris with Toronto, Detroit, Chicago, St.Louis, and then Minnesota and maybe toss Phoenix in there, it wouldnt take long to build animosity, especially if the divisional playoff format was brought back.

Originally Posted by Rune Forumwalker View Post
I meant the late-90's, or rather only one season that I checked on: 1997-1998. The year before the switch to six divisions. The playoff standings clearly looked like a top 8 in each conference rather than top 4 in each division.

Also the current system isn't that bad on rivalries as even with the system being more random, several teams have meet each other in the playoffs the last few years, which is what you stated is what creates rivalries. Those teams being Chicago/Vancouver, San Jose/Detroit, and Boston/Philadelphia are the first three that come to mind. No doubt there are more.
You are correct there sir. They did seed the 2 div winners one and two then seeded the next six. To me though that's no different than the current format. It pretty much diminishes the point of the divisions.

As far as the current rivalries, most of them are built by chance and are short lived. Take for example our rivalry with Edmonton going back a few years. Imagine that wasn't just by chance, but it was brought on because we were pit in the same division and rather than the rivalry fizzling out, we've played say 4 more times in the playoffs since that last math-up in '03. It would still be strong. Of course I'm not proposing we should be in the same division as them, but you get what I'm saying. Substitute Edmonton for Chicago or St.Louis for example. There would be real hate and it would be on going and carry in to every regular season game against each other because we not only played last year in the playoffs but we're in each other's way to advance to the conference final again.

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