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10-27-2003, 05:55 PM
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Originally Posted by HotToddy
Mao was a great leader for his country - the only brutal things that happened under him happened because he was sick and wasn't even running the country - I think you need to touch up on history a little my friend, read "The man who stayed behind" by Sydney Lightenberg. Or any non-univeristy issued book on Mao for that matter.

And yes Marx and Engels weren't ravenous monsters ,but inadvertently or not, they wrote the template that allowed histories greatestabomination to occur, communism.
Of course Mao wasn't the most pleasent leader - but he stabilized and turned his country back into a power. And never yet have we seen what Marx and Engels wrote truely take form. In Russia there was still different classes - the only thing is that it was no longer aristocrats - and there was more potential to be able to move up in life. To make a statement that communism is the greatest abomination is nothing more then your opinion - as the ideals of pure communism are fairly commendable. The only problem is it is a dream. To make Marx into a bad guy is laughable - because in that case Jesus is a bad guy as the religion that was started due to his teachings has been a the reason of numerous wars. The case in both is that their message was distorted.

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