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10-27-2003, 06:02 PM
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Originally Posted by LoudmouthHemskyfan#1
BUT you did say that the people that would argue that having Comrie, Niinimaa and Marchant in the lineup would result in a better record were somehow proven wrong by the fact that we have the same amount of points.

I believe you'd generally accept that this roster is better with those players on it.

you said: "This is for all the posts that with these guys we would be so much better.

Obviously not necessarily."

You post implies that we wouldn't be better, and that the current situation isn't something to be concerned about because we've been there before. Even if that isn't what you intended, that's how it reads to me. I get that you're saying we could be the same or even worse with those guys, BUT, I'd think you'd have to acknowledge that is highly unlikely.

I understand the desire to quell panic, but there also needs to be a desire for decisiveness and action, as we have seen management sit and sit and sit to the detriment of the team before. Why would Lowe act unless he felt pressure? I think that pressure needs to be provided.
Wow, I would like you to actually find where I said that it proves anyhing. My whole point is that it is too early too tell, but somehow you completely missed that. NO ONE ELSE DID, JUST YOU.

I haven't come to any conclusions yet. You could point their start this year and I could point to the record after the trade but either record proves nothing. It is too early to tell.

Obviously having Comrie in the lineup or making a trade is going to improve the team, but that was NEVER my point. I was never trying to show they are better without Comrie just that they had the same start with those players and without.

My only point was EXACTLY what was written. That just because they were in the lineup didn't make them have a great start last year. This is a fact and no amount of your speculation will change that. You say it is irrelevant because it goes against what you believe!

Yes it is too early to panic, just like it was too early to panic with those players in the lineup last year.

Just so you don't misunderstand me. I am not happy with the start and would love it if they were 8-0. But if they were then would you be on here saying Lowe made excellent moves? Were you on here when the moves seemed to propel us into the playoffs crediting Lowe? No I am sure you would have said it was to early to tell.

But just as the excellent finish after the trades didn't prove that Lowe's moves were great, the 3-5 start (which is the same as last year) doesn't prove that the moves were a bad one either.

Just to make my point perfectly clear to you. I believe it is too early to tell the effects of the moves that Lowe made or if they are the reason we are 3-5.

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