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10-15-2011, 10:04 PM
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You simply cannot handle the puck effectively if the top hand is above your waist. Now maybe you don't have to if your a Chris Pronger type of defensemen or a defensive forward, but scoring forwards really should maximize puck handling ability.

I did a test today. The stick I use to practice stick handling with in the garage is the same length as the sticks I use on the ice. I'm usually in sneakers though so the stick is effectively longer because my skates put me 2-3" above that. I did my normal stick handling drills for 15 min. Then I cut 2" off it so that it was effectively the same length as my ice sticks are when I'm on skates. The difference is night and day. More speed, more control, etc.

You don't handle the puck for 15-30min. during games. More like 1-2 min so you may not notice the difference as much. Run through back to back 10-15min. worth of stick handling drills either on or off ice with two different length sticks and you'll find out pretty quickly how the length of a stick affects your ability to handle the puck.

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