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Originally Posted by Ozymandias View Post
PK is being relied upon tremendously, and right now it's him, Gill and Gorges trying to keep the Habs afloat.

He's playing 25 minutes, while the closest guy on D is Gorges with 21 minutes. He plays the 2nd most ES minutes behind Gorges, and plays the most PK minutes on the entire team. And since he's given so many responsibilities, it overwhelms him a bit and he'll have to settle into a groove like he did last year in the last 40 games. The thing is, PK always seems to adjust, which is probably his greatest strenght.

I know this seems redundant, but it has to do with context, if Markov was on the lineup, we might not be talking about a slump, as he would have better support (top 6) and better matchups. Right now, he's doing about everything (ES, PP, PK), almost always against the toughest opposition. Despite his few errors, he's hasn't been that bad. Made a lot plays. A LOT. And that's the intangible with Subban. Is that, he's always there, he's always involved in the play, it's just a matter of settling in, keeping it simple and not try to do too much, it's the much repeated mantra of last season, and it'll continue this season onward, until he has better support or passes over this phase by gaining the experience as he is doing right now.

It's easy for seasoned veterans to find back their rythm early in the season, not that easy for a sophomore, with again, not much support on the D squad.

Subban is actually responding the same way he did last season after being dominant in the previous playoffs against the Pens. He seems to need some time to find his groove and not make those mental lapses and keep his focus.
Easy to blame injuries. That is a loser's mentality for an easy way out.

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