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10-27-2003, 06:23 PM
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Originally Posted by G-Double
the greatest abomination? please tell me you are kidding or just not versed in history...communism is a great idea in practice, except that in practice it is always guaranteed to fail. Read the manifesto if you haven't whichseems to be the case here, Marx/Engels have good ideas and alot of them are actually incorporated in current day welfare and assistant programs that aid people that are less fortunate.

Anyway, this isn't the place for it but i was ghastly shocked at these comments.
I've browsed through the manifesto as it is available online and I thought it was an abomination. It called for the forceful removal of property by the state from everyone and went as far as to condone murdering people if they resisted. A means to an end if you will. In addition it calls for the complete domination of the planet under communism because if given a choice many people would chose to live under another system thus resulting in the failure of communism. It's a very scary piece of work and is not a great idea at all. Not only that but the fundamental economics (and Marx wasn't even an economist) which he basis his opinions on were flawed. The only work to which he ascribes value is that of the workingman. He believed that owners/managers provided no benefit to the economy. Yet if you look at Canada and the U.S. today you would see that small companies owned by entrepreneurs are creating most of the jobs and growth. Since Marx ascribes no value to that you should be able to see where we would be under Marx's manifesto.