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10-16-2011, 12:05 AM
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Face it, Subban and Price were terrible tonight. Each were directly responsible for bad goals against. Honestly, Subban should sit for a game, if it weren't for injuries he might well do just that.

If Price and Subban play a mediocre game, Habs win 5-2. If either one of them doesn't stink the joint out, it's 4-3 at the closest. I'm not blaming them, they just sucked tonight. AK is a destructive force to both teams, half the time on each side.

On the positive side- Emelin is improving rapidly and could be a legit top-4 two-way force by the end of this season. Eller same story. Not saying either will achieve their potential, but based on the way they're showing now, their learning curve puts them as core players within the year. Much reason to hope with these two guys. Pax was outstanding, Plex too. Gomez was good, Gio was good, Moen was good. Cole had his best game as a Hab, although he still looked mostly out of synch with the team. Desharnais was very good and also very bad (context: the shape he showed up in this year is inexcusable. DD of all people needs to be working harder than his opposition, not using camp to get into game shape. On the positive side, JM is giving him icetime in all kinds of situations, so he hasn't blown his shot yet. Still, he's playing with fire coming into camp out of shape. Tonight looked like his first real game effort.) Gill, Diaz and Weber were good and bad. AK showed effort, but had no touch and, as per normal, no ****ing hockey sense at all. (I swear when I see him get the puck as the trailer on a 3-on-1 I debate whether he'll a)hold onto the puck too long and fire it into the sole d who by now is sprawled on the ice, b) blast it wide and send it back to his own zone or c) pass it ankle high into the skates of one of his linemates.)

In terms of the bubble guys. Enqvist needs to be popped. He tries, maybe he can get there, but right now the word that sums him up is "ineffectual." He's trying. He's failing. Palushaj put in huge effort, but also failed to produce much outcome from it. Both guys shouldn't be written off, but Palushaj I think has more use to the the team. Enqvist needs to be upgraded. Neither Eller nor DD belong on the fourth line, that's pretty clear IMO. Nor does Enqvist. Team has some glaring holes right now: 4th line center/Faceoff/RH C and also size/grit on D. Think Price's meltdown tonight had anything to do with being run early, as he will be 95% of games this year?

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