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10-16-2011, 02:03 AM
Snubbed Again
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Originally Posted by Bullsmith View Post
Face it, Subban and Price were terrible tonight. Each were directly responsible for bad goals against. Honestly, Subban should sit for a game, if it weren't for injuries he might well do just that.

If Price and Subban play a mediocre game, Habs win 5-2. If either one of them doesn't stink the joint out, it's 4-3 at the closest. I'm not blaming them, they just sucked tonight.
Lol, wow. Is this what this board has come too? "Our superstar" one day.."a bench warmer" the next. Hypocrites roam high and low on this forum.

Other then the giveaway tonight, Subban was good. He made some great passes and made some solid defensive plays as well. Maybe if people got their heads out of their ***** and realized he will make mistakes.

EVERYONE knows P.K. is a risky player. That play that cost us a goal is one he makes 99% of the time. He has been making it since junior without issue..and on this one particular play, it caught up to him. Whether it was predictability or not, Subban bounced back and played some good hockey, including showing good control of the puck on the PP that came early in the third.

He could score 3 goals next game and turn in a brilliant defensive performance, and I guarantee 90% of the haters will go on saying "PK is the best! Norris for the Subbanator!" It makes me sick how people turn on players because of small sample sizes like 4 games. Especially when they are young and basically are the foundation for the entire group of defensemen.

Maybe find a different team to rag on so those that actually are willing to accept the fact that players make errors on the ice, don't have to read the crap like the post that I'm quoting.

That goes for Price too. You know..the guy people were calling the best goaltender in the league two games ago.

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