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10-27-2003, 06:35 PM
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So Kerplunk, you've read parts of it, its not that long why not the entire thing, couldn't stomach it? Did you read it in the context of the time period it was written? Did you read it in the context of history up until that point?

If you were a feudal lord in the 10th century what would you have thought of capitalism or small middle-class business owners? probably the same thing capitalists thought/think of communists now.

The idea that communism, an extreme form of socialism, something that many western countries are slowly tending towards is so despicable and opposed to everything all of us have ever been taught is to me quite funny.

Anyway, the economic principles at the time were very open for debate and obviously held some merit. In theory of course, in practice they are practically impossible because of human nature.

Anyway, if anyone wants to keep talking about it maybe we should take this to PM's to let this thread get back on topic...or just die out.

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