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10-16-2011, 09:28 AM
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Originally Posted by The Kremelin Wall View Post
The only truly stupid mistake he made tonight was not checking to see his partner was making a line change before superheroing through the entire Colorado team and giving it away.

Subban was having a great game up until that give-away and several myself included we're giving him props for it in the GDT. People are very quick to forget. Subban will always be an offense-first thinker, just like Mike Green. Your going to see stupid things from him like that from time to time and you have to be prepared for it. Not excusing the move he tried to pull given that he was last man back, but it's on everyone else for not expecting that from him every now and then. That's without even jumping into the fact that he's a notorious slow-starter the past 3-4 seasons in every league he's played, he might get too distracted in the off-season or perhaps takes him a while to get his brain in the game. He's still very young.

It doesn't help that as of right now the only other legitimate Top-4 defenseman in the Montreal Canadiens line-up is Josh Gorges, some of whom on this board don't even recognise as a Top-4 D man. What does that say about the caliber of help he gets on his pairings and from the others to help spread out the load? Last season we atleast had Hamrlik and Wisniewski to take some of the burden off of PK.

Luckily for us it seems Markov isn't too far away, and Emelin and Weber have been playing very well for us (Diaz to a lesser extent, but still well, IMO). The future does look relatively bright for our defense corps with these young guys emerging.

Is it a sophomore slump? Maybe it is.. All I'm saying is that it's not unusual for PK to start slow, it wasn't unusual for him to have trouble producing on the PP given his point partner the first four games being terrible at the position (Plekanec, and Subban/Weber showed a lot of promise last night as a duo), and the fact that Gill is also a very slow starter and is his partner is certainly not helping his cause.

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