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10-16-2011, 09:42 AM
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Originally Posted by HockeyTownUSA View Post
I don't get Boucher's comments. Almost feel like there is a double standard for this kid. Boucher was adamant that the NHL is not a development league, it is a performance league, but then quickly qualifies it by saying performance based your position and what is expected of you.

Isn't that giving more rope to a young guy who is obviously developing and not performing based on production? Connelly has 1 assist and it was a weak, secondary assist at that. Last night he was demoted from the first line again, saw only 3 shifts in a tight game in the 3rd, and none in OT. Is this helping the team any?

Boucher likes this kid though I would not be surprised if he is here for game 10. I don't agree with it after what I have seen in 5 games (in terms of production). Others will support him and Boucher because he is 19 yrs old and is "performing" because of what is expected from him at this point in time. He has seen a lot of ice time on the first line, and nothing.

Off the soap box.
I'm not getting your argument about how Connolly is getting all of this rope, when you also claim he was demoted from the first line, saw 3 shifts in the 3rd, and none in OT. That didn't happen by accident.

Part of those changes can also be attributed to Downie going underground for the middle portion of the game.

and about 'what is expected of you', can be taken multiple ways, but the way that I took it as meaning was 'how they are expected to', and not 'how they are expected to an indeterminate point in the future.'

While the NHL is a performance league, it doesn't mean that development doesn't have it's place.

By far the first objective is to win each game, and if helping a talented prospect along, who can also help the team now accomplishes that, then that's what they'll do.

Basically, at the end of the year, no one gives a **** about how much better the individual players have gotten if they aren't winning.

and if Boucher was going to be knocking Connolly, he'd already be back in Prince George.

Pure point production isn't the end-all-be-all of how well a forward performs anyway. Stammer, Vinny, and Marty aren't exactly lightning it up right now, but they still contribute every game.

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