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10-27-2003, 06:47 PM
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Originally Posted by G-Double
i just have to say one more thing, to compare the nazi's to the communists is completely wrong, and in no way am i condoning the nazi's especailly with my heritage. What i am saying is, Stalin was NOT a communist, he was a stalinist, he used the idea of communism and his own sick and twisted desire to have a cult following like Lenin's to create his own style of ruthless dictatorship.

to judge communism based on the government of stalin is ridiculous, look at Kruschev, his ideas were MUCH closer to the actual ideals of communism but were still not all that close...
Yes, as I've said, never ever have we seen and never ever will we see complete communism - as human nature will prevent it. I think countries such as Sweden and the other Scandinavian countries have are better examples of communism then what there was under the Soviets.

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