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10-16-2011, 12:41 PM
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I think the problem is expectations.

Everyone (myself included) had such high hopes for a great season from this guy that we kind of forgot the he's really only in his 2nd year. I thought he improved last year on the defensive side somewhat and was shocked when I saw him making the same kinds of rookie mistakes as last year. Really though, I shouldn't have been. It's a sophomore season and he's not going to improve overnight.

We need to be patient, it's going to take time. Don't expect him to be a Norris candidate this year because he's still learning the defensive side of things. The good news is that defense can be taught whereas offensive instincts are a 'you have 'em or you don't' type deal. He's got the offense in spades, now it's about development.

We're relying on him a lot right now (maybe too much) and we need to just sit back and let him learn the game. He'll improve as the year goes on.

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