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Originally Posted by Habs View Post
Listen, cap hit or not, the team is committing 6 million to Cole this year, you can add it up however you want.
I will add it up the way that makes the most sense in a hockey point of view. Therefore, the cap hit way. So you are saying that he is a better deal next year and we should cut him more slack because he's making 2 million less? I have a hard time believing you'd do that.

As someone mentioned above, is Tyler Myers expected to be the best player in the league this year? Hes getting paid 12 million. By your logic, Buffalo should be disappointed in him already. If he doesn't win the Norris then maybe they should look to trade him.

If you don' think that 6 million doesn't affect the yearly budget, you are mistaken. You don't magically make a bonus disappear, like it has no significance at the end of the day.
Well to tell you the truth, if Molson is willing to spend the money, then it has no significances on the team in terms of the hockey point of view. The specifics of when and how the money is paid is the Molsons business, the cap hit is the what concerns the hockey team. Once again, the cap hit is 4.5, not 6, so the team uses 4.5 million of its cap space. The amount of money paid to him over his entire contract is what matters, not this year in particular. Oh, and bonuses, from a hockey point of view, DO disappear in the sense that they DON'T count towards the cap.

Cole still has a chance to earn his money, however thus far he has been disappointing in his play. If you want to find little rays of sunshine, go ahead and enjoy it. Excuses like 'He's a pleasure in the locker room' or 'Did you see that pass Cole made!' don't cut it for me.
Don't put words in my mouth. I didn't say any of that. Thats a terrible way to make an arguement. Right now judging him the way you are, on 4 games played, is bs. The sample size is way to small. If the guy had scored 8 goals so far, would you be saying hes a elite player and an amazing signing? Nope, you certainly wouldn't. So why are you doing the exact opposite? He's had a slow start, but jumping on him for his contract after 4 games is wrong.

He's paid like a top player, I expect him to perform like it and I don't think its too much to ask. I watched last nights game and I forgot he was even on the team. He should be a major figure on the PP, and on the top lines.

I never wrote him off, but he has some work to do.
First of all, once again, hes not paid to be a top player. He is definately paid to be a good player, but a 4.5 million dollar cap hit will not and does not get a top player in this league. Not even close.

Now I'll agree with you that in the 4 games he has played that he hasn't played to the level that I had hoped, but I won't judge him or his contract value until he has a significant amount of games under his belt. Maybe at the 20 game or 40 game marks, but not 4 games in... As far as him being a major figure on the PP and top two lines, he isn't the only person to blame. He was on line 3 with little to no PP time from the start. JM has control over that, Cole can only try to influence him, something that historically seems to be hard for any player to do.

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