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Originally Posted by thome_26
Yes, as I've said, never ever have we seen and never ever will we see complete communism - as human nature will prevent it. I think countries such as Sweden and the other Scandinavian countries have are better examples of communism then what there was under the Soviets.
The closest communism has ever come to an actual application was in China in the early twenties, but unfortunately it was perverted by the cultural revolution, which took the changeover from being the replacement of the bourgeuois with the proletariat to being a witch hunt, with personal gain as its motivation, which obviously is the opposite of what they were trying to achieve.

Communism has always been a convenient thing of which to be afraid. That is why kids aren't taught about it in school. When I was in high school (not too many years ago), I was told that Stalin and the USSR were communism, without the time being taken to study the manifesto - it was merely given a passing reference. I had to seek it out myself in order to learn what communism truly is, in theory.

What it represents now, however, is another of the many ways in which political movements give themselves misleading names in order to gain support from those who don't listen. The conservative party in Canada has become progressively more liberal in recent years, while the liberal party has become as conservative as the conservatives. For that matter, the Nazis were actually called the National Socialist Democratic Workers' Party. While they were equally as socialist as the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, they remain an autocracy, which is the antithesis of socialism and communism. Ironically, there was nearly a civil war in Germany in the early thirties, fought against the communists, who were supported by the USSR, even though Nazi and Soviet politics were actually similar. A fight which claimed to be about ideas was really about personal power and ego. Where have we heard that before?

Anyway, I've gone on long enough. Maybe we should send Rich Winter a copy of the Communist Manifesto, and something about Reagan, so he can check his references next time. He sounded like a pompous twit when he made that remark.

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