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10-16-2011, 03:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Thepandamancan View Post
It's basically just like gatorade, but with less sugar. It's more akin to the old formula of gatorade, which was a lot of sodium and electrolytes. The modern gatorade formula relies on sugar to give you that boost, which is great...but it's kinda like eating chocolate and getting a sugar rush, not the purest energy source.

I would treat it just like you would gatorade. What people forget is that hydration begins before the game, so drink it before, during, and after. Pedialyte is probably better before and after though.

I stick to gatorade during my games. I remember as a kid having to drink pedialyte when I had the stomach flu and it tasted bad. Hopefully they've changed that.
I got the girlfriend to pick some up for me, it still tastes bad. I'll try to drink a good bit before, then some after. During I'll stick to wate

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