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10-28-2005, 05:51 AM
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Well, pending how much of a nuisance you want to be and if you are willing to take a bit of a beating for being cheeky, there is one move that will almost always get the goalie paying attention to you. When your teammate has the ball on the wing, go stand in the slot stickside on the keeper and tell your teammate to shoot for the five hole. When he fires it, you can use your stick or your hand (i say you can use, its not legal but that never stopped anyone, right?) to pull the top of the keepers stick towards you which will hopefully lift his stick off the ground before the ball gets there. Now, this will result in a penalty if seen and you will have the oppositions attention (particularly the keepers attention) whenever you are around the net (and they will make sure you know it). It can be useful for getting a goalie off their game (if they are a bit shakey) and just generally giving the other team something to worry about.

Otherwise, the posters above gave some good information. If you are going to go to the front of the net in games, during practise, get your teammates to fire some shots on goal as you stand in front and try re-directing them. Its possible to do this without practise, but ive found i really improved my aim and my response to rebounds by practising before hand.

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