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10-16-2011, 04:07 PM
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Originally Posted by n8 View Post
i'm not sure about this but doesn't Avery come up at full salary now that he's gone through waviers? Dallas certainly is off the hook for their half (thus their cap floor issues). None of our guys are on LTIR yet so there are no cap savings there yet. And even if they do, it's not like their cap hit automatically disappears. You are just allowed to use emergency replacement but the numbers situation gets dicey then. IF they go on LTIR, maybe then but no way before. Plus, what has Avery done in the AHL that is more impressive then Newbury's 8 points in 4 games? We only have a little over $1M in cap space, so even if he comes back up at $1.9M yes that extra 150k is extremely important if Sather wants to acquire a big salaried UFA at the trade deadline. Again I am not a Avery defender, but you seem to be an Avery man-crushing fan-boy.
I'm laughing now.

You are a complete genius. I guess that makes you qualified to be our next coach, as long as you can yell.

No, Avery does not come up at full salary.

No, Dallas is not off the hook whatsoever, unless some team claims Avery on the way up (up or down he still has a 1.9 hit for any team who claimed him, so if nobody claimed him going down, nobody will claim him going up).

Maybe you should have a CLUE about how the CBA works before telling me that MY logic is flawed.

And how exactly do I seem like an Avery fanboy? I'm just a person with a brain. I'd rather have Sean Avery in the lineup than Kris Newbury or Eric Christensen. My goodness, is that really a groundbreaking thought? I'm anti-Tortorella.

Because of the unfair treatment of Sean by the refs, I'd prefer he wasn't on the team, but with wolski's injury and Zuccarello sent down, there's absolutely no legitimate reason why Sean Avery should not be in the lineup, especially considering he was one of the fastest, most in-shape players in training camp.

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