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Originally Posted by Chazz Reinhold View Post
Are you seriously taking away points from Richards because the KINGS AS A TEAM didn't win the game in regulation? Get a grip. You realize Richards scored the huge goal to get the Kings to overtime in the first game of the season, right?

And you're seriously getting ******** over losing Teubert, who was clearly passed by (or never in front of in the first place) numerous players on the depth chart (Muzzin, Hickey, Forbort, Voynov, Martinez, name a few)?

The Kings' depth chart sure looks barren after not having that first round pick this year. Heaven forbid they actually make solid picks in later rounds (Shumacher for one). You sound like a bitter, old, and senile man who wants the Kings to be perpetually stuck in a rebuild. Lombardi said all along that he would trade picks and prospects IF THE RIGHT PLAYER CAME ALONG. He did exactly that. If you didn't notice this (or purposefully ignored it) that's your own damn fault.

You completely failed to acknowledge the fact that the Kings still have one of the best farm systems in the league, despite being considered one of the better teams in the NHL. Not only are these prospects still highly regarded, but they're performing this season, too. I pointed that out yesterday and you blatantly ignored it to carry on with your irrational propaganda.
Nice the other side to the story.

Richards has 1 point in 4 games excluding the two 4-3 OT assists. Of course, his wingers suck but then again, another reason not to make the deal at this point in the franchise's development curve. His talents will be wasted all year except on the PP and PK.

The Kings have NOT replaced Simmonds on the 3rd line or have you noticed how atrocious the 3rd and 4th lines are now?

Was Penner the RIGHT player to come along? Sure doesn't look like it so far.

Was Richards the right player? Maybe - but what was the point with Schenn so close?

Loktionov has nowhere to play in the Kings line-up. He is NOT a winger and never will be one. With Kopitar-Richards-Stoll in the lineup, Loktionov is buried in the AHL.

Best farm systems in the NHL? By whose standards...yours? Certainly HF doesn't think so judging by only Bernier showing up in their top 50 prospects list a couple of weeks ago. Other than Voynov and Loktionov, there is no one in juniors or Manchester who is even CLOSE to being an NHL player. And Toffoli is as likely to be the next Corey Locke as the next Corey Perry. Schumaker? come on...a nice start but he is a long long ways away. Same with Forbort although I do like him (would have preferred Tarasenko at the draft spot though).

As for your ad hominen personal attacks, I'll let the moderators deal with that. I assume they are not wearing the purple colored glasses so much that they will tolerate your tantrum.

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