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10-16-2011, 07:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Lshap View Post
Nothing adds up right now because we're not given any data to add.

All this speculation/rumour mongering/predictions of doom is the result of the admin's hush-hush attitude towards Markov's health. When you say nothing and keep his condition secret, when you dismiss questions on his return to a simplistic, "He's making progress", then don't be surprised that people will assume the worst. And yes, the team DOES owe it to us, the fans, to feed us updates. It's not like we're voyeurs into someone's personal drama; this is a business that lives and dies on its entertainment value to us. We create the revenue that ultimately pays Markov's salary -- kindly have the respect to give us good news and bad news on a key reason I paid good money for tickets.
I don't think they owe us anything. I think we are already spoiled as it is. 82 games a year televised, all pre-season games televised....95 reporters covering the team, 20 radio stations(obvious exaggeration).

You've been told enough already. They've reported when he stopped skating, Martin gave an update a few weeks ago giving a rough but very vague approximation. You've recieved news about when he last went to the doctor. You know that he's going to the doctor tomorrow as well. How about you just stay patient and stop acting so spoiled. You're lucky you even get any of this info at all.

Some of you would have died if you'd have to live in the 50s and 60s without internet and tv where communication was slower.

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