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Originally Posted by Talks to Goalposts View Post
Is this kind of information what the clientbase as a whole actually wants or just a minority of you and some people like you though? This isn't a situation with a small amount of clients that need to be continually appeased according to their demands, this is a clientele of millions whose contribution to the bottom line are based on population dynamics not individual whims.

I don't see an actual impact on the club's revenue streams stemming from dissatisfaction over injury information. And the team has an interest in keeping injury disclosure to a minimum to limit other teams gamesmanship on injuries. There's a reason coaches prefer to limit their briefings to terms like upper/lower body injury. I think the desire to protect their players outweighs your desire to be feel "in the loop."
Fair points. I don't pretend to be an expert on how to run a hockey team, but I do work in marketing, and have marketed pretty large organizations. What I've seen is that people expect transparency. The perception that something's being kept secret is a dangerous thing for any organization, like a cancer that slowly grows. Nobody's planning to stop watching the games or give away their tickets quite yet, but if a distrust of management is added to poor seasons, watch for the hockey culture to slowly lose faith. They can rationalize secrecy all they want -- it's to keep other teams in the dark, it's to protect the players -- the fact is that the organization either fills in the information blanks or we do it ourselves. And being left to fill in those blanks ourselves is a recipe for the worst kind of rumour mongering. For further evidence, read half the threads on these boards.

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