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10-17-2011, 01:42 AM
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Originally Posted by Rhiessan71 View Post
It's not crap.

He DID help us land Cammy and especially Gio.
He gave us 2 top centers(at the time) that players coming in, knew would get them the puck with at least some consistency. More importantly, it gave us twice as many top centers as the team we were directly competing against for their services, namely the Laughs.

Call it crap all you want but it WAS a factor. I liked McD as well for the future but certainly not over either one of or even both of Cammy and Gio.

We knew going forward that Gomez wasn't going to live up to his salary but he did a pretty good job in year 1 with 59 points. It's just a shame his 38 points last season was so bad.
If he gets back up to around 50 points or more and then we buy him out in the summer, I can live with that, all things considered.
It's not like we had any other playmaking centers knocking on the door 2 years ago. That didn't even happen until late last season with Desharnais and Eller finally looking like possibilities soon.

We can argue over just how much of a factor Gomez was in getting Cammy and Gio all you want but arguing that he wasn't a factor at all is simply not an option.
Your crazy if you think Gomez had anything to do with them coming. Montreal overpaid for both those players. I love them both, but Montreal's offers were far higher than everyone elses. Rumor was Toronto offered Cammy 4.5 per year and NJ offered Gionta 3.5 a year.

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