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10-17-2011, 02:05 AM
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Originally Posted by TheBuriedHab View Post
Your crazy if you think Gomez had anything to do with them coming. Montreal overpaid for both those players. I love them both, but Montreal's offers were far higher than everyone elses. Rumor was Toronto offered Cammy 4.5 per year and NJ offered Gionta 3.5 a year.
Yeah, I guess I am crazy along with 98% of the media(most of which are much closer to the team than you or I are) out there who almost to a man call the Gomez trade as a huge domino in getting Cammy, Gio, Spacek and Gill right after.
Along with the aforementioned Cammy interview.

As far as what we paid for Cammy and Gio...yes we def offered Gio more than NJ but the REAL rumour with Toronto was that Burke actually offered Cammy more than we did and he came to Montreal anyway and Burke was tre pissed about it.

Do some research my friend, you will find a ton of articles and educated opinions on this.
Also, I guess everyone forgets about the throw-in Pyatt, who was a more than serviceable 4th liner and superb PKer for us the last 2 seasons.

Like I said, argue just how much weight the trade had but not that it didn't have any, that would just be pure ignorance.

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