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10-17-2011, 04:01 AM
5M? insulting!!!
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Originally Posted by Miller Time View Post
comments like that make it clear that you are either arguing for the sake of arguing, or purposely being facetious... because I know you are smart enough to figure out why it would be in a player's best interest to say nice things about new teammates/bosses.

and if you followed Cammy at all prior to his arrival in montreal, or have paid attention to his media relations since coming, you'd know that he's almost always good for something more substantial than the generic lines that most players are limited to.

call it a "lie" call it an "exaggeration"... reality still is that he left an almost perfect playing situation in Calgary so that he could get paid. all the other reasons had minimal impact, at least as measured up to his primary motivation.

haha! maybe! although I dont know what it means and dont plan on babelfishing the word

meh, I dont bother much with what players say to the medias, they're asked the same dumb questions hundred times a year (in Mtl : hundred times a week ), so wether its Cammy himself or ex-teammates... I doubt any of them bothered speaking their mind really...

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