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10-17-2011, 03:03 AM
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Originally Posted by ECWHSWI View Post
ex-teammates talk (they're players too you know) : truth
Cammy talk : lie
context is the key... the player (Conroy), the interview context (2 years later summer time reflections), the comment context (blurted out, clearly accidentally, then tried to make it sound nicer so as to not make his buddy sound so money driven), all point to a very strong conclusion.

couple that with Cammy's comments prior to leaving (the very standard, criptic, comments made by a player ready to bolt because he knows the team he's with won't pay him as much as he's "worth" to others, no matter how much he likes it and how well he's doing)

and then consider the context of his "big impact" comments, coupled with the hindsight that show he never ended up playing with, or pushing for, the player who was supposedly a big impact in his arrival

and i think there's more than enough evidence for a pretty strong conclusion. one that makes perfect sense, or at least far more sense than the idea that a player would leave a team & teammate that provided him with the best year of his career, and a city where he was quickly emerging as a huge fan /media favorite.

heck, if he had said "playing close to home" was his "big impact", it would be far harder to dispute, but the whole "we signed him because we traded for gomez" perception, which he helped create, is so full of holes it isn't even really worth discussing any more.

and so I'm done. (that and my wife is going to have my ass for staying up late talking hockey once again... i tell ya, the habs better win a cup soon or else i'm going to have a hard time justifying the time they take up

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