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Originally Posted by macavoy View Post

This isn't the 50's or 60's, so it doesn't matter what it was like then.

This is the now. The reality is, we didn't get an update or a vague approximation. We got a BS answer that he's on plan but then since then, everyone refuses to answer what is the plan. That isn't an update, that is skirting the issue and not answering.

The reality is, NHL teams are required to report certain things to the media, its part of the NHL rules. So don't claim we are spoiled, we aren't, it is what it is.
I think many of you are missing the point. The reality is, like us, Habs management simply doesn't know when he'll return. They can't tie themselves to a time line, what would happen with this crazy fan base if they did that and Markov misses the time line, not because of anything major, but because of the normal recovery process associated with his type of injury.

I don't think they are attempting to mislead the fan base, I think it's much more likely they simply don't know. They remain optimistic until there is something to change their mind. If Markov has a setback that won't see in action until after christmas, they will let us know, it's a wait and see game at this moment, not even the Dr's or habs management can give an absolute time of return, not because they don't want to, but because they can't, don't know themselves ect.

I think it would do the habs fan base a disservice to lay down a time line and then Markov miss that time line, imagine the back lash that would occur, they are handling the situation exactly as they should, cautiously optimistic.

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