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10-17-2011, 05:03 AM
This ****ing team
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Originally Posted by Herby View Post
- Jack was the best player on the ice, man was he flying out there. Just dominant in all three zones of the ice. With the way teams clog the neutral zone these days it is so valuable to have a guy who can take it from the defensive to offensive zone by himself, we have two of those guys. Jack is playing so confident, I have seen this swagger before for UM and Team USA at various different tournaments, not so much with the Kings until now. I hope he keeps it up and is given big ice time and big PP time.
We've got three of those guys. Kopitar is just as good as both Jack and Doughty at carrying it through the neutral zone and gaining the offensive blueline. I think we saw some of the Jack swagger last year when Doughty got injured as well. He really seems to thrive on the pressure of being that guy that needs to run the D. It's a shame that he hasn't put it fully together when Doughty is in the lineup, but I'll take knowing that he can play 30+ minutes of dominant hockey when Doughty is injured. I just wish he would play like that all the time.

As for the Rinaldo thing, I thought that that was just a great, clean hit all around. I'm not a fan of fights after clean hits, but I have no problem with what Penner did, it's good to see him show some emotion and use his size a bit. I also liked his clearing the crease in the Devils game and thought that the charging was a ******** call. I hope that his contusion was actually keeping him from playing and he wasn't benched for something he did, because I thought his game was okay. I do wish he looked like he was giving more effort, but I don't think he was doing anything bad.

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