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Originally Posted by littleD View Post
From many hours spent playing the NFL and MLB games on Facebook, some tips.

1. If you want to get "far" in this game, you need "friends" who play it. And lots of them. Honestly, there are people who play these games with over 1,000 "friends." Friends send you in game gifts, which is where you'll get tickets, game changers, some money. I've never spent money on FB games, but I did start a second account just for games, and added about 500 people who play these games.

2. Don't go crazy buying low end packs. Basically, as you level up, you unlock the better packs. Buy one 1* pack, one 2* star pack, one 3* star pack, one 4* pack, and then buy as many 5* packs you can.

3. Never spend coins on practice. Free practice takes five minutes.

4. Don't spend coins on fans.

5. Scrimmage your friends. I doesn't kill your practice points, and you can get up to 3 tickets that way.

6. Never, ever, EVER buy team packs. Stick with the colour packs. Colour packs guarantee you at least one new player, team packs have no guarantees and are expensive.
Good advice here.

Some additional tips: If you enjoy the game, but are frustrated with having to add tons of friends in order to get far, then consider separating your FB games from your main FB account by creating a separate FB game account. Then you won't care about gamespam mixing with your friends' updates, etc.

The ticket timer will gain back up to 4 tickets over time, but only back up to where it started - however, you can gain tickets above that mark through scrimmages and bonus tickets (like from wining a season championship). You also gain tickets from friend gifts.

Keep your team at a level where you can comfortably win most games, but then don't spend any more until you need to. Seasons will get more challenging, but very slowly, and you can gain achievements (and cash) for saving your coins, plus you can hold out for higher packs if you can reach hgiher levels with your current team.

Upgrade your stadium ASAP. That 100 coin collection timer on the main page can grow to a 1500 coin timer.

Never pay real money for these games. There's never a need to. If you want to do surveys and stuff for the game money, that's up to you but you can certainly complete collections, etc. without that also.

I generally like to play 3 matches, then leave the game up in the background to collect 2 practices to get back up to 100. Sometimes at night if I have a lot of tickets, I'll set an 8 hour practice and play 9 matches so I can get back to 100 the following day.

The player ratings are fail - no matter what team you like you'll find this to be true.

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