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10-27-2003, 08:28 PM
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The Atl. wrap around might look like a soft goal, but put yourself in Vokoun's skate's. When a forward drops behind the net, as a goalie you must use the defensemen for clues. Besides being aware of the player behind him, Vokoun also must be aware of what is in front, such as a d-man jumping down for a one-timer.
This is one of the reasons d-men often back off the post where there is no pressure, signaling to the goalie that the pressure is off the post. Hahuis clearly lost sight of the puck and came off the right post, thinking the action was on the left post. Vokoun took the clue from Dan and moved to protect the left post. As soon as the Atl. forward saw Vokoun moving left, he jammed the puck around the post. Tomas did a good job of recovering, especially considering his d-man (Hamhuis) was just cluing into the play by the time the red light went off. Tomas is more critical of himself then anyone on these boards can ever be of him. He might agree with you, but I do not.