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10-17-2011, 11:31 AM
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Originally Posted by habsjunkie2 View Post
I am usually leaning towards your view on this team, but do you honestly not see any difference in the direction PG is going and the direction /bg took? Are you honestly not a tad bit more excited about our future? I know I am.

Gaineys biggest flaw as GM was the panicky moves he made when he traded for Gomez, signed Gionta, Cammy, Spacek, Gill, but there is no denying the pipeline of young, quality NHL players he had left for PG and PG has continued to add youth and size with the odd signing to compliment the youth.

The only move to date that PG made that I wasn't a fan of was re-signing Hal Gill. I thought we had a great chance to move our D in a positive direction and become a force in that area, but failed to do so, having said that, we are missing key players from our top 6 yet again, but still manage, quite easily to ice a pretty good top 6.

My only problem with the d is that the young guys like weber, diaz are too similar in what they offer, we need a more balanced D wiith some added ruggedness, I'm confident when Yemelin gets 20 games or so under his belt he will offer some of that dimension, it's been missing to this point and even though he hasn't been a force physically, he has showcased part of his game many of us never knew he had, smooth skating, crisp passes ect.

I am a little concerned that Diaz/Weber is too much of the same skill set, I like both of them, but feel dressing two guys with similar skillsets (unidimensional, nonphysical) may be too much, if we already had an over abundance of size and strength this could probably be overlooked, but Diaz was a good signing on his own. Just a little redundant.
Gomez was a bad acquisition on the balance but without Cammaleri, Gionta and Spacek Montreal would have been terrible these last two years and are a big part of the veteran group that sheltered the youngsters as they graduated. Cammaleri and Gionta especially are some of the biggest impact players to move on free agency in the past 3 years (Hossa, Richards, Gaborik and Havlat being the others note two of them going to New York) and compared to other UFA's that went to open market they aren't overpaid. Also, Spacek was a big part of holding the defense together by playing tough minutes these last two years.

Montreal couldn't have iced a competitive team over the past two year if they didn't acquire those guys during free agency.

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