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10-17-2011, 02:04 PM
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Originally Posted by FlyersFanSinceBirth View Post
Last year is pretty much when I got sick of him too. The year before last he was noticably not the same as before but I gave him the benefit of the doubt. I figured he was just having a down year. Then he "flipped the switch" in the playoffs and flipped it back off for the Finals. But how does he not get that the big division in the locker room is partly his fault and a big part of his responsibilities as a captain to fix it? As always, he's the victim and everyone's so unfair to him. Classic Mike Richards.
From a leadership standpoint off ice mostly until the playoffs yeah it's true..the year before last year he had some issues too. They were glossed over b/c of how everybody finally bought into Lavy and were all on the same page. However, if they hadn't made the playoffs which they nearly did not then who knows what would have happened. Snider pretty much admitted that the cup run hid things a bit but then they festered again. He def looked like the weight of the world was on him last year especially in the 2nd half when things went sour and he needed to step up a little more since Pronger wasn't around. Sadly, daddy Holmgren had to come into the locker room a bunch of times and dress everybody down. That right there is never good and it's happened in season's past so it wasn't just a one off deal.

Too me what stuck out last year that told me Richards wasn't happy with Lavy was when he called him out in the press no less (the same press that is so unfair to him) about how he conducted the power play. Leino also made some comments to the press. Although he may have had a point you don't undermine your coach like that especially in a hypocritical way. I mean you can't have Steven's cake and eat it too with the press like that. his own words it's becoming clearer and clearer he got traded for much deeper issues than hockey. Also I don't think he would have been happy if they traded Carter which was more a hockey move. Having a disgruntled player like that who is your captain is just not going to bode well going forward. He definitely bears responsibility for the fallout but guy has pride and when young sometimes that can be foolish pride. I sort of don't blame him but he'll need to harness that "hurt" in a more positive way and in the game against the Flyers he did so...he played like his old self IMO. I wish he didn't sour on us or we on him but it happens....

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