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10-17-2011, 01:24 PM
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Originally Posted by FlyersFanSinceBirth View Post
Just another excuse. This place is full of excuses for him. If he's such a great captain and leader then he should have went to Lavy or Homer or whoever he was on speaking terms with and told them his wrist was shot and he would be able to help the team more by healing his wrist and coming back when he was able to contribute. Nobody put a gun to his head and made him play through such a so called season ruining injury. The guy just flat out quit on his teammates, his coach, the organization and the fans.
what happens when he does that? if people find out he could of played thru it what would of been said by people like you? you would of called him a ***** and a terrible leader. you would of said he should of put off the surgery and played thru it.
As far as the media goes, everyone knows the media with the exception of Meltzer are a bunch of ****ing clowns. So you believe whatever the media tells you. keep drinking that kool-aide.
As far as him quitting on his teammates that comment is just flatout wrong.

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