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10-17-2011, 02:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Giroux tha Damaja View Post
Whatever. People will think what they will and I'm not going to change their minds. I just know when I think of Mike Richards as a Flyer I'm always going to remember 2010 play-off Mike Richards, the guy who was a far better player than he had any right being given his skill set. The guy that knocks Bergeron 8 feet off the puck and then skates down to score the ugliest, most beautiful short handed goal I've ever seen. That guy is a champion to me, cup or not.
There was a whole TEAM that played like that in 86-87....almost beat a dynasty. I will always remember that TEAM. I look forward to our new cast of players/individuals after the reset button was pushed to gell as a Cup TEAM (vs little groups and cliques) and actually win it. I will support this new TEAM like I always have since 85-86...Carter and Richards had a nice run and I thank them for their contributions..I.... like management didn't feel they could bring it and in Richards' case only because he soured on the coach and invariably the team. We couldn't afford to fire another coach although Lavy has his issues..hence we had to fix the culture of the team and I think we have. We will be better served in the long run than if we had kept a disgruntled Richards who apparently was described as being a "wall" from a team source after the exit interviews this season and a Carter who is injury prone, suspect when it comes to intensity with the playoffs and one-dimensional and not ideal for the system Lavy is trying to employ.

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