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10-17-2011, 02:44 PM
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Originally Posted by PJGooch View Post
Not saying this as a pro- or anti-DP Islander fan, but the reality is that the goalie position will only be stable if Rick DiPietro is the starting goalie and playing at or near the level he reached when he was an All Star. Of course, that's a tremendous "IF" that might not ever occur.

Until then, he will always be in the background, practicing/rehabbing his way back into the rotation.
I'd like to think that the coaching staff is about as realistic on this one as I am.....I know it's bad luck taking a shot to the dome in practice, but his near-total lack of durability is again, far better addressed in Bridgeport.

I hope/think we'll see Montoya and Nabby run away with things to the extent that DP can take a 'long-term conditioning stint' in the AHL, as I can't really see both being rife with 'FAIL' at the same time to the extent that DP gets rushed.

I'm probably going to get the screws put to me by a combination of sane-yet-realistic DP fans and those of us who can't see the nonsense in waiting around on the deck of a sinking ship, but the better the Isles do without him RIGHT NOW with two stable goalies to call upon, the better for the team, this season forward.

Originally Posted by Wedregast View Post
I'm hopeful that once's he's able to play, the Islanders send him to the AHL, bring up Poulin to split time with Montoya, and:

trade Nabby + PAP/Comeau (depending on how Nino is playing and on which line) + Eaton for a top 3 defensive defenseman.

I'm assuming this would never happen due to the money Wang would have to burn to make it happen.
Nabby & Comeau departing wouldn't bug me too much. Parenteau's showing me magnitudes more than Comeau, and he may just play his way into another contract if he keeps this up.

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