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Originally Posted by uiCk View Post
An athlete is not necessarily a person who is in good shape, just like a person in good shape will not necessarily be an athlete. An athlete usually constitutes of a given person being superior at a given physical skill (talent); for example, shooting accuracy does not result to a thinking process per say, but more in fact that body, after alot of practising a given talent, starts to memorize what movement/strength applied/etc is needed to make the shot accurate. My evidence would be that some players have easier time memorizing those data (movement, position, strength applied) faster and better then others, since everyone should have or has access to the logic behind a good accurate shot. Same can be said about making saves as goaltender. So roy spend most of his time practising that given talent/skill, which it seems, he was very good at.
Not to say Roy doesn't have the mental 'talents' to be/become a great strategist, which is usually great skillset for any coach/gm. personally, the instinctual/Spontaneous nature that i see in Roy, would tell me he's not necessarily reluctant to use a thinking process prior to some of his actions. be aware this is personal observation, which includes lots of generalzation and a subject thats open to alot of debate.
I'm curious, how do you explain his continued success strategizing & developing winning teams and NHL playerscontinually in the QJMHL? Jr hockey is typically very cyclical but he's had repeated success.

Or is he just the luckiest instinctual athlete that has had extreme luck the past 4 years or whatever?

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